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Struggled to find meaning and purpose in your job?

Struggled with a demeaning boss?

Felt you are running out of energy?

Felt challenged to balance your roles and relationships at work and life? 

Struggled to manage your emotions balancing authenticity with executive presence? 

‘I am on a mission to share my insights and learning’s, successes and struggles to hopefully make your journey just that bit smoother. To help you find meaning and purpose, manage the challenges in work and in life, address your reactions to challenging and toxic environments and people. To show you how to truly be ‘Brave To Lead Like A Girl’.

– Dalia Feldheim -

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After 20 years in corporate as Chief Marketing Officer at Procter and Gamble and Electrolux, along with studying organisational psychology at INSEAD (Executive Masters in Counselling for Change) and Happiness studies at Miami University (Happiness Studies Academy), Dalia Feldheim is now drawing on her education and experiences to provide a book written to inspire proactive and positive change.

‘Brave To Lead Like A Girl’ is written from my heart to yours. A practical survival guide for finding flow and thriving in the corporate world intended for women and men, their HR managers and their inspirational bosses.

– Dalia Feldheim -

Dalia has always been passionate to ‘lift as you rise’, and through buying this book you are joining a broader mission to not only make the workplace happier, but also to share forward 10% of the books proceeds to help under-privileged women around the world thrive. 


In 'Brave to Lead Like a Girl', Dalia Feldheim shares her wit, wisdom, and worldliness. 

By combining storytelling and scientific research, she provides clear and accessible advice for women (and men) who strive for a meaningful, purposeful and successful life.

- Tal Ben Shahar Ph.D., The Professor of Happiness -

NYT Best Selling Author of 'Happier'

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